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Using Water Help to Lose Weight

Experts agree that 6 to 8 glasses a day should be the normal and regular water intake of a person. However, if one is dieting; this consumption will not be enough. A recent study showed that drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day would help much in weight loss. In a separate study, it was proven that more water intake can help a person in burning calories. In fact, a quart or a liter of water can burn about fifty calories in a day.

Therefore, if you are dieting; it is recommendable that you drink about one to two liters more of water to enable extra calorie-burning. People who are working their ways to lose weight need extra liters of water per day due to several reasons; aside from what was already mentioned above. Replacing sweet and other calorie-rich beverages with water or sugar free flavored beverages will also help in holding back calories from getting into the body. According to a nutritionist from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, water has the property that enables the loss of appetite.

Fats or calories can be blocked from entering the body when a person loses his appetite because he will not be able to eat too much. In addition to this, the line between the feeling of hunger and thirst is indistinct. When you cannot distinguish whether you are thirsty or hungry, the best thing you can do is try to drink water first. After 20 to 30 minutes, if you would notice that you are still feeling uncomfortable; then, you can take something to eat.

As published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, water can increase the body’s metabolism. A team of researchers in Berlin has proven that drinking at least 500 ml. of water will metabolize a person’s body and it can shred off 25 calories. In males, these calories mostly came from stored fats.

On the other hand, females lost these calories from stored carbohydrates. Experts explained that this happens because the water warms in the stomach. However, the weight loss benefits of water should not encourage you to drink as many glasses of water as you can. Do not forget that too much of anything is dangerous.

Drinking extra gallons of water per day can even be fatal and harmful, especially when you are eating less than your usual diet. Too much water intake will dilute the salts in your blood. An unbalanced level of water and salt causes hyponatremia that can result to heart attack or worse, to death. Some extra liters are good but extra gallons will not at all be healthy for you.

Water, like any other thing, can be harmful when over-consumed. Health should always be everyone’s prime concern before weigh loss. A practical way of knowing if you are taking in sufficient amount of water is by checking the color of your urine. Light urine color means normal and a darker hue indicates that you need more water.

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In bottom line there may be no reason preventing you from losing weight other than yourself. Incase you wish to look your best and feeling energized, you may likely want to transform your thoughts from reducing pounds to achieving good health. Just the fact of turning your thinking systems from losing to gaining is able to get you in to a far more positive mind condition and could be the first leap on your personal path to your goals. To affect transformation isn't necessarily enjoyable, until you have ran at it for a little while, and possibly suddenly your changed behavior has become your new behavior and also the hard work is over..

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