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Slim Down Low Fat Recipes – Lose Weight the Hard Way Or the “Easy” Way

Which foods are good and what should be avoided in weight loss? This is a popular question especially for women who like to prepare their own foods. What to use, what not to use, what kind of foods to prepare, how much to eat and when. I have some very good suggestions following, be prepared to take notes; First some rules: use less fat and sugar and when preparing food always use vegetable oil. Minimize all products which contain fat cheese. For bread, eat only rye bread.

Make all your portions smaller. Avoid juices and soft drinks; drink only water and fatless milk. Eat in intervals of three to four hours between meals and eat small portions. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Don’t eat pasta or rise and allow yourself only one feast-meal per week. Exercise up to five times in a week, an hour or an hour and a half at the time. This means that it’s very important to avoid all industrial vegetable fats and carbonates. Instead use butter and other good oils like olive oil.

If you eat cheese, I recommend non -fat cottage cheese. Potato which is starch should be left out of your diet altogether. Also leave out all white breads, donuts and cakes. Switch macaronis and pasta to rye and oat pasta, because they contain more fiber.

I recommend counting calories in the beginning, because some weight loss programs have too low calorie-content recommendations, and this is dangerous in the long run. Count your normal calorie consumption and try to eat 500 calories less per day. Here’s a great tip for any weight loser; drink 2 liters water per day and you will be amazed how the feeling of hunger will go away by only drinking water. You will find that after one week your weight is going down and you don’t have a feeling of hunger.

It is always healthy to drink lots of water, so there’s nothing risky in this method, water will also purify your whole system. Recognize all calorie bombs even before you eat them! Losing weight is not about eating less, it is about eating wisely and be knowledgeable about what you put in your mouth. To be able to lose weight intelligently you need to eat enough, otherwise you might lose it from wrong places. Following the above recommendations will make you lose weight – guaranteed.

But you need to be strict and persistent with your diet. If you try to lose weight too fast, it can be dangerous to your health, you don’t want to lose your muscle material when you diet. I recommend using a good program that is proven to be healthy and consult only people who have experience in this field. Remember that your diet should consist of enough vegetables, fibers, water and proteins.

When following a proven program, your weight will go down because your adipose tissues are going to be reduced. There are some effective programs on the market that promise fast results but losing muscle and all water from your body is not permanent weight loss, it is yo-yo weight loss, because you will gain it back in few weeks. Go the healthy way and you will be able to lose weight and maintain the results.

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In bottom line there is nothing keeping you from losing pounds other than yourself. Assuming you wish to look your ideal and as well feel energized, you may possibly want to change your thoughts from reducing weight to positively achieving good health. Just the matter of changing your main thinking systems from dropping to getting will likely bring you in to an extra positive mind level and could become the initial leap onto your personal process in your goals. To affect change isn't always comfortable, until you have worked at it for some time, and maybe suddenly your changed habit is becoming your new habit and the effort is over..

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