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Overeating Problems Can Be Solved by Learning a Few Simple Behavior Modifications

A common problem for people who struggle with weight loss is how to stop overeating. The challenge lies in the fact that the simple act of eating actually stimulates your appetite and since your mind doesn’t receive the message right away that you are full, it is very easy to think you want more food and keep eating until you are overly full. There are two types of hunger that exist, one is your actual physical hunger, this is the one you feel in your stomach and that makes your stomach growl. The other is mental hunger or what is sometimes called head hunger or even emotional hunger. This is the one that makes you want to eat even when you are not physically hungry.

There are many causes of head hunger but the one we are concerned with today is the one that tries to convince us that we need to keep eating even when we know intellectually that we have eaten enough. It can be challenging to simply put your fork down and push your plate away to stop eating in fact you might have tried to do this numerous times with little success. Instead, I like to use a little trick that allows you to easily separate from the act of eating long enough for you mind to get the message that you are indeed full. The trick is to use something called a Stopper, this is a food item, drink or activity that signals to your head that you have stopped eating.

Many of my clients use a stick of sugar-free gum or they will sip a hot cup of tea or coffee. These are just two suggestions of popular and effective Stoppers. Learning how to stop overeating even when you think you want more is not hard if you have a Stopper to help you comfortably move past the eating occasion.

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In bottom line there may be no reason keeping you from loosing pounds other than yourself. Assuming you want to look your best and as well become energized, you may likely want to switch your thoughts from reducing pounds to building wellness. Only the simple of changing your thinking pattern from dropping to getting can possibly get you into a more positive mind state and could make the first step onto your personal path to your goals. To affect change isn't always comfortable, until you've trying at it for a little while, and perhaps suddenly your changed habit is now your new behavior as well as the effort is over..

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