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Effective Weight Loss Plan – Best Diet Plan to Effectively Lose Weight Fast, Easy, & Permanently!

Lose weight fast or quick does not mean safe – is not only a title but also is what my doctor kept harping at me when I would talk to her about getting the pounds off for a wedding that I wanted to go to. I only had 6 months to do it in and I had tried all the fad diets before. One thing that they all had in common was that they all left me feeling weak or wanting to eat food of all things with very little actual weight coming off! This time, with my doctors encouragement I set out to find everything I could about the best way (s) to lose weight and flab safely and then report back to her and we would then go over what I found. This article is about that very journey as I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. I started out by reading every book and e-book that I could find in the library and book store and online, and boy are there a lot.

It is as if everyone, even the stars have their own ideas as to the best way to lose weight quick or fast. Then you have the body builders and all they want you to do is drink shakes and lift cars and trucks over your head and all will be good. Which I guess might be true if you were small enough to get under them in the first place but then, why would you need their diet? I was lucky to be able to also get a couple of live interviews with some trainers in California and they were very nice and had a lot of great information. Once I compiled everything together I took the following information back to my doctor.

Fad diets for the most part want you to eat special foods or purchased meals which most people cannot afford and if they do try to, then they worry about the money they are spending on the food and special meals and they quit the diet and end up in worse shape than when they started. A lot of fad diets also want you to stuff yourself with either all high-carbs or all low carbs as your diet. Most fad diets do not include any workout program at all. A good diet program should work with you and not against you and end up putting your health in danger.

Most fad diets do not include a good and well planned way for you to keep the weight or flab off as in a good maintenance program. This is a vital part of any diet program that should be considered in the safe category. Out of the ones that do have an exercise program it should be graduated to fit most every ones starting spot in order to be in the safe diet area also. The more dangerous diets that do include an exercise plan will quite often start those of us that are more than just a bit over weight and out of shape, in an exercise program that is way more then what our heart and bodies should be handling and that is dangerous.

I went back to my doctor with a list of 5 diets that I found to be interesting, enjoyable and above all safe. I then narrowed it down to the top two for me and we then discussed which I wanted to do. The top two were “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” and “Burn The Fat”. They were both good and both were what I would consider safe but, with the “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” I was able to eat more of the foods that I liked and the exercise program started at a slower pace which was good for me.

On the other hand “Burn The Fat” was every bit as safe but because the diet and exercise plans were just a bit different it took second. I also contacted, once again, one of the trainers that I had talked with before and discussed the options with her. I then headed off to lose my extra me and in about 30 days I already had more energy then I remember having in a very long time and the weight was coming off. When 5 months had passed and it was time for the wedding I had went from almost 300 down to 170 at 5 foot 10 and felt like a whole new me.

I was able to go to the wedding looking the way I wanted me to look and not the way I thought everyone else wanted me to look. I felt great, was able to dance into the night and have a great time. My energy was up, right along with my pride and a whole list of other feelings of accomplishment. If you want to do it, you can do it.

Just do it safe, slow and steady.

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In summary there is always absolutely nothing stopping you from loosing weight except your self. Incase you want to look your best as well become energized, you might need to change your thoughts from loosing weight to positively obtaining health. Only the fact of changing your main thinking systems from dropping to earning can easily bring you in to an extra positive mind condition and could become the initial movement in your personal process in your goals. To affect transformation isn't always enjoyable, till you've trying at it for some time, and then suddenly your changed behavior is now your new habit and the tough work is over..

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